Keep your head up and be confident

By Ngor Khot Garang

This world as we all know is and has not always been a good place for those who easily give up.

It has always been against those who want to change it for the better and it takes the strong-hearted to make it possible.

When you are born into a poverty-stricken family for instances where life is very hard and people survive on a meal in a day and you have a burning desire to do something great in life, you become confused as to how to start it.

You will go as far as asking yourself: “I’m just a mere man/woman from another world of the loathed and despite all my efforts to make it happen I’m not going to make it”.

These excuses about why you are not the man/woman that you have always wanted to be will unabatedly push you down to your complete downfall and the burning desire for something you want to achieve in life will begin to fade because you think your family background will hamper you from achieving your desired goal in life.

This is without doubt the reason why people don’t move ahead in life. We often look at others as if they are more important than us and we forget the fact that every human being deserves to be successful.

I cannot and will never deny the fact that there are times when difficulties we face in life force us to accept  that we are nothing even when someone tells us that we are more than what we think we are.

But we have to accept that after in every challenge, there is a way out and when a tear of sorrow is shed, the tear of joy follows.

We have to believe that problems are many and they come in a way that breaks our hearts.  But you know what?  There is no way,  I mean In this world  that we can grow  without problems or trials and it doesn’t  matter how big the problems or how intense the  pain is,  they are subject to change and they  also gravitate to solutions.

You never know what tomorrow holds in store for you albeit you encounter challenges one after another. It is true that you are going to see the good part of life when you believe that all the challenges of life are temporary.

I wonder if you have ever thought of a life where everything is free; a life where you just eat what you did not work for.

How will that life look like? It is true that life would be useless because working for oneself or for others gives us a sense of responsibility and a purpose that there is something we are going after in life. Therefore, the problems we face every day should not discourage us from achieving our goals because all the successful people once succumbed to them and yet managed to turn setbacks to success.

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