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The SPLM in opposition has issued an ultimatum that demands the unification of forces to come into effect this Sunday. The two parties have been pulling ropes for the past few months with agreements over a disagreement and a lot of failures to talk under one voice. The unification of the forces is not going to be enough because a lot still needs to be done. Like cards, the two parties must keep themselves to their chests and use this opportunity to reverse the country back to its normal state. There is no bad peace and of course no good war. What the people of South Sudan need is a government that would reflect their needs and includes them in the development of this nation. Without a doubt, a lot of harm has been done already and it is the right time to fix what has been broken. For South Sudan, there are many reinforcing pathways to reform that could help reduce the strategic challenges facing the country on all the possible fronts. The parties to the agreement should not treat themselves as special people when it comes to issues related to mutual understanding. In the vision that South Sudanese liberators stood for, the people came first and they were followed by the country. The government is just a servant and they are not mere servants but slaves of the people. This means that the government officials must put themselves in the shoes of the common man and then look at themselves as the solution providers. This is going to be the only and surest way to heal the country and create lasting peace for the people of South Sudan who have for years now been yearning for peace to find its seat home. 

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