Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I do not want to be convinced that by cutting these old trees which have been synonym and symbol of green sceneries in Juba town, the mayor was doing the capital city any good. If indeed the only targeted trees were an eyesore to roads improvement then one might be convinced that his worship the mayor was acting in good faith and was carrying out a noble cause to make the city clean.  City must be kept clean and beautiful, but not at the expense of the environmental degradation. Reports l received from the ministry of environment told a different tale by the minister that “ l am not aware of the exercise since l have been out but  if it is true then it against the environmental laws unless the mayor was cutting down trees that are preventing road expansion of are by the side of the road preventing free flow of motor vehicles”[U1]  and with this my mind ran back to bring forward the projected 100 million trees to be planned within the next ten years. With such distraction shall we really meet the target and the deadline? I started seeing dim if the Ethiopian joint greenbelt with the country will come to reality. It has been argued that these trees are hosting people who are idles and who spend time under them drinking tree and mostly gossiping. I do not want to pre-empt or insinuate anything but not most of them are idling or doing nothing. Some of them have reasons and good one to be there at that time they are there. The mayor should bear in mind that, true cutting trees would reduce cases of idleness, but is this the solution to the idleness and gossiping. The treatments of these two anti- development activities must be found and dealt with accordingly. They should not be left to divert attention from the current planned development of the city. The City fathers must understand the immediate need of the people on the ground who need proper sanitation and environment to work and live in. The mayor has been a busy body since coming to office trying to correct the past mess if any but what he should know is that he should not use the powers to destroy what cannot be replaced unless they are a threat to city residents and the public in general. Let us keep the city clean and green too. This is the noble task that the action should addressed to. Some of the trees cut-down are as old as some of us, they have been land mark and associated with Juba City for a long time. If it is true that the mayor is doing it for the good of this city and the citizens, then he has to involve key players and other authorities concerned to see to it that the exercise had the blessing of all players instead of one person shooting the ball in the net.


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