Keep our city green and clean

By Moses Bol Zachariah

Weather is the daily condition of a given place, sometimes it becomes hot or cold. Due to excess heat from the sun sometimes our city Juba becomes hot. And when it does people complain while others tend to say it’s because of the conflict that’s way South Sudanese most especially in Juba are punished, though researchers “scientists” said it’s our daily activities that cause the rise in temperature, by doing things such as bush burning, importing Mob vehicles and not properly maintained.

When it gets hot it gives off carbon dioxide which goes to the space hence leading to global warming. Deforestation without re-afforestation is the major cause of global warming in some parts of the world, where by farmers  or highly ranked people or officials cut down trees for commercial purpose without replacing them, that leads to how usage of carbon dioxide exhaled by humans, animals and when it accumulates, it destroys the ozone layer which causes hotness that doesn’t favor crop growth, human settlement and also lead to extinction of micro-organisms that would have helped improving the soil fertility.

Elizabeth Achol who spends most of her time in cool countries said ‘this is extremely hot weather. I could not stay for three to four hours without taking bath.’

And Mohamed Abdallah a bread dealer of Jebel market said “my business does well in the morning and evening hours, but during the day time when it gets hot, most of my customers decide to wait until it cool, I don’t make enough during hot time.’’

Due to too much sunshine in the city most families try their best to make sure they provide bus-fare to their children though all are not the same, some buy for their children umbrella, water bottles and food handle to keep them going to school and to reduce risks of getting malaria and other common diseases associated with hot sun.

On meeting a primary pupil, this is what he has to say “I walk from home to school which is about thirty to forty minutes.’ I walk every morning and some times when I wake up tired, I get to school late and get teacher inside the class. When departure time comes I have to struggle under the hot sun, sometimes good hearted people will give us lift while others just walk away ignoring our hand signals,” he added.

Though hot weather tends to reduce people’s activities and performance there are those that enjoy it the most. Most players in Juba become more excited when they hear that they are going to have hot days training. On visiting one of the training groups in division 3” this is what their highly rated midfielder said, “to train under hot sunshine to me actually is a marvelous idea, it makes me more committed to the game, I become active, heart beat increases, aerobic respiration takes place and more energy is obtained and that’s the goal of every player in the game.”

As newton started for every action there is equal and opposite reaction, we can reduce things affecting us, we have to practice afforestation and re-afforestation in our homes, by road side, villages, barracks, offices and every way. It helps to produce more oxygen that we inhale and reduce environmental pollution.

Bush burning has to be abolished by our farmers by teaching alternative ways of cleaning land for cultivation to avoid destroying the land and killing the micro-organisms that would help to improve the soil fertility. Above all we have to emphasize on our slogan “keep Juba green” everywhere and move to the rest of the country’s parts. And finally say keep all places clean.




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