Kaya-Yei, Juba-Yei roads requisite improvement-Commissioner

Aggrey Kanyikwa Cyrus, Yei River County Commissioner

By Bida Elly David

Yei River County yesterday said   that poor infrastructure has affected economic growth as trucks resounding goods and travellers face hitches upon entry and exit.

Speaking to Juba monitor yesterday, Yei River County Commissioner Aggrey Kanyikwa Cyrus pointed out that the two roads that annex Uganda Yei and Yei Juba have been running poor infrastructure creating difficulties towards movement of goods and passengers from their transportation points to their destinations.

‘’The roads annexing Yei to Uganda and Yei to Juba are bad creating difficulties for movement of goods and people to their destinations’’ he said

Furthermore, Aggrey said that despite the fact that the infrastructure was poor, atleast 10 trucks could reach Yei without any problem.

‘’Although the roads annexing Kaya-Yei and Juba Yei go through poor infrastructure, atleast 10 trucks a day are able to arrive Yei without difficulties since it is a dry season’’ He said

Aggrey reiterated that domiciles in Yei were seriously preparing their farms as rainy season is soon clocking for new plantation of crops.

He also lamented that Yei has been exporting commodities to Juba through the same road that is currently experiencing poor infrastructure.

Aggrey added that the peopleof Yei County were enthusiastic upon hearing the launch for the construction of Juba Yei road but due to the lockdown, things turned down.

‘’The people of Yei were enthusiastic upon hearing that the construction of Juba-Yei road was going to be launched but all in all, lockdown turned things down’’ He added

Commissioner has urged the National Government to work hard towards construction of Juba Yei road to enable free movement of goods and people.

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