Kapoeta Mission Hospital postponed fistula operation

By Awas Lobono Dominic

The administration of Kapoeta Mission Hospital says the operation of the patients with fistula cases has been postponed to early next year.

Midwife at Kapoeta Mission Hospital said more than twenty patients suffering from fistula in Kapoeta were mobilized since last month to get ready for fistula operation in the hospital.

Ileyo Charity the Acting Midwife administrator at Kapoeta Mission Hospital explained to Juba Monitor on Wednesday that some of the patients were not prepared for the operation.

“Last time we schedule the time of operation to be in November when project manager came and confirmed to us the cases, and when they contacted the team which was supposed to come and do the surgery, the team were like they have some examination as well as staying far in Uganda,” Charity said.

The team said once they come to South Sudan, they have to be quarantined first for fourteen days. The operation team suggested that the work will be possible to start in early January next year.

She said next week they will distribute hygiene kits to the patients within the communities and give them motivation, counselling and reassure them the operation will take place the following year without fail.    

Charity is urging community mobilizers, traditional birth attendances and chiefs to continue mobilizing and identifying fistula cases within the communities because there is no limit of patients required for operation.

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