Kapoeta council form a team to oversee airstrip work

By Awas Lobono Dominic

The administration of Kapoeta town council has formed a committee tasked to oversee progress of the work at the airstrip and contributions to facilitate the activities.

Juma Buhari Combo Chief executive officer of Kapoeta town council told Juba Monitor during the weekend that his office was tasked to implement directives issued by state Governor Louis Lobong Lojore.

The State Governor during the launching of the airstrip called on business communities operating in Kapoeta and other organizations to supplement Government budget for the completion of the Airstrip.

Buhari said the budget allocated for the work  was not enough to cover every cost intended.

  “This meeting is for the contribution of Kapoeta airstrip because traders are the one benefiting a lot from the airstrip their goods are brought by plane and this contribution will help because the money budgeted was 500,000 which was an estimated cost.

Apiu Anyar the chairperson of Chamber of Commerce in Kapoeta market appreciated the decision taken by the governor of directing business community to back up the initiative.

 He added once completed the airstrip will facilitate the movement of people and goods faster than land transport.

  “You know the use of this airstrip is very important to all the business community and to everybody, the business community have agreed with the call that had been made by the governor,” he said.

The town administrator stated that the contribution will last for one week and the money collected will be handed to the state authority by the committee.

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