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Kampala Lord Mayor Lukwango under investigation

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

The Uganda Police Professional Standards Unit (PSU) has launched an investigation into the manner in which the opposition politician Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago was arrested last week.

According to police commander, Lukwago was arrested for allegedly supporting unlawful protest. He was picked up from his residence in Wakaliga and driven to Kira Division Police Station.

Police officers from the Old Kampala Police found him outside his gate and accused him of planning to hold an illegal meeting in Kampala.

The arrest caused a lot of disgust, especially on social media, and PSU said they are looking into it professionally.

PSU spokesperson Vincent Sekate told reporters today that the arresting officers acted on credible information that the mayor was planning to disrupt business in the city centre.

“What caused concern, was the manner in which he was arrested. As PSU we are trying to review his arrest,” Sekate said.

“We have gathered recordings of what took place and if we realize that our officers acted beyond the boundaries, we shall have to take action” against them according to the rule of engagement,” said the police boss.

The mayor Lukwago was later released yesterday on police bond.



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