Kajokeji hit by new wave of robberies

New wave of cattle raiding has hit Kajokaji on 15th May, 2017. Twenty five heavily armed men attacked a ranch north of Römöggi where families thought they had safely hidden.

Mr. Charles Duku, a veterinary official and his assistant Lopia were tied and forced to escort the raiders across Sanga in the direction of Kaya River. The two officials believe that their attackers were people of Bor from Jongolei State. However, the cattle were probably driven to camps in Kit, Lobonok County. More than 500 heads of cattle were lost in this incident.

In a related development, residents of Liwolo County west of Kajokeji also reported that another group of familiar gunmen raided their hideouts and drove away all the herds that survived earlier raids.

According to reports by the few villagers left in the area, armed men in military trucks and uniform ransacked and vandalized the Theological College, Secondary and Primary Schools in Römöggi. The official resident of the Bishop of the Episcopal Church and nearby private homes were not spared.

By Staff Reporter

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