Kajo-Keji MP vows to restore security

The newly sworn in Member of Parliament representing Kajo-Keji County has vowed to work hard to restore peace and security in the County.

Alfred Taban made the remarks at a thanks giving ceremony on Saturday organized by the Juba Monitor to honour him, and his successor Anna Nimiriano as the Editor-in-Chief.

“I will bring calm and peace in my area that has been deserted by people due to the conflict and make sure they return home,” Taban said.

Taban revealed that his first motion in Parliament will be questioning the minister of Defence about the situation in Kajo-Keji.

“In my first motion in Parliament I will task the minister of defence, Interior and National Security to answer about the situation in Kajo-Keji, they must explain because I plan to work in Juba and drive back to my home area every day. I will make sure that it happens,” he said.

Nhial Bol, former Editor-in-Chief of the Citizen Newspaper however doubted if Taban will make significant changes in parliament. “That is a silent prison you are going to, but try your best my brother,” Bol said. The function was attended by a number of friends, institutions, NGOs, government and individuals, among them the board of directors of the newspaper.

Taban acknowledged Bol’s doubt, but promised to take the fight to parliament to change things for his people and the good of the whole country.

Taban who resigned as the Editor-in-Chief of Juba Monitor said it is time to give chance to women whom he had been empowering, referring to Anna Nimiriano Nunu who replaced him as the Editor-in-Chief of the Juba Monitor.

“I have always been advocating for women and this can be seen as the new Editor-in-Chief takes my position, she has always been by my side even in difficult moments, for example the time I was detained, and I have decided to reward her with this position,” said Taban.

The veteran journalist said those who think that Juba Monitor will fail because he has been appointed MP will be proven wrong. He said he will keep supporting Juba Monitor and keep advocating for the rights of journalists.

Nunu promised to fulfil the dreams of Alfred by developing Juba Monitor and improving from where the veteran journalist left.

“I want to tell you honourable Alfred that I will not disappoint you but work hard to make Juba Monitor progress,” she said.

By Mandela Nelson Denis

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