Kajo-keji chief slams politicians over rights

By Martha David

The paramount chief of Kajo-keji County has criticized politicians for not respecting the rights of traditional leaders in the country.

Chief Gabriel Mogga Baba who participated at the just concluded national dialogue conference for the Greater Equatorial conference complained that traditional leaders and women leaders are many times sidelined from matters concerning local communities.

He said some politicians were selected to participate in the planned national conference of the National Dialogue, instead of local community leaders who understand the challenges in their areas.

In an interview with Juba Monitor Mogga said some of the political leaders are “claiming to be chiefs which are injustice to our rights.”

Chief Mogga said for chiefs to represent their communities is a right like any other rights.

“Some leaders are claiming to be the people who fought for the liberation in the country and they have the right to represent us as leaders,” he said.

Chief Mogga said some South Sudanese are still using hate speeches even during the national dialogue conference.

“The important thing is to have political will and unity, secondly patriotism without running after our own interest, even if we go for conferences or dialogues its does not give any meaning,” he said.

He urged politicians to implement the resolutions of the National Dialogue if they want to have peace in the country.

“If we are talking about discrimination, injustice negligence, let our words portray patriotism and let it be as an example for others,” Chief Mogga added.

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