Kadipo community demands for county

The Suri Kadipo communities of Mewun Payam in Boma state are demanding for a county, saying that the community is being  marginalized by the both national and state governments of Boma regarding service delivery.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the area Member of Parliament, John Dungi Tilohore said the people of Kadipo have been completely forgotten by the national government saying out of the 14 counties created in Boma state,  the Suri Kadipo residents did not get any.

Tilohore said Suri Kadipo are there about  75,000 people in which he said the huge number of the population has been left without without schools,  clean drinking water, health centre and no feeder roads linking the area with the state.

“We know very well that the President has created 32 states for the implementation of the peace agreement as a means to taking towns to the people in accordance with the SPLM vision,” he said.

‘In Boma state we have not yet put the vision into practice because we had claimed for only one county during the creation of the state and since then we were not given the county,” Tailohore said.

He said Boma state comprises of Anyuak, Murle, Jie and Kadipo  but the  nine counties were given to Murle and other five counties were assigned  to Anyuak community neglecting the Kadipo and Jie.

He said the Kadipo community  needs their rights to be given to them and the creation of a county is the only solution.

“There are no  schools and these people are being marginalized,” he said. “We need government to take the town to these people in order to upgrade them to the level of other also communities in the country,”Dungi said.

He said the government was not able to count the  Kadipo people during 2008 census due to its being too far from the then Boma county headquarters.  He said as the area Member of Parliament the population Kadipo is about 75,000 people.

Tialhore stressed that his community has no problem with the neighbouring communities of Anyuak, Murle and Jie, saying they are only demanding for their rights from the government there is a need for equal distribution of resources to all  citizns.


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