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Sometimes the law is being abused by those who are entrusted to enforce them. It is so strange that one open a case and the process taken until he is issued the warrant of arrest for the culprit. Days later, the warrant is not enforced and implemented as required by the law only to turn out that the same culprit has also opened a case against those accusing him. How can this be possible? Is it one way for justice delayed is justice denied or is it the question of the law being an ass and only favour those with titles against their names and positions? Someone who complained that his plot had been grabbed and families thrown out in the cold found himself in these circumstances without help from the police station where he had reported the matter. Later, he was informed that the same person had opened a case against his family member under circumstances which are not very clear. What would be happening with the application of well-placed laws which should be governed within the constitution of the land? Some senior security officers of ranks are intimidating people with their status and at times use backup to evade the laws. There are circumstances where cases can draw against one another but very rarely does this happen. Only in situation where one is trying to evade or escape answering or responding to accusations levelled against them by members of the public or civilian population. The case got the ears of the high and mighty profiled individuals but still it has not been concluded. It is just like the weak and the under-privileged are denied a right to exist when seeking for justice. Let there be equal application of justice to all irrespective of the status in the society.

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