Jurmanangeer Youth Chairperson calls for peace in Apuk

The chairperson of Jurmanangeer Youth Association in Juba, AlphonsusKualMakuerduring an interview with Juba Monitor yesterday (Photo by Kitab A Unango)

By Kitab A Unango

The chairperson of Jurmanangeer Youth Association (JYA) in Juba has called on the two states’ government of Gogrial and Northern Liech to bring peace in Apuk North County, Gogrial State.

Alphonsus Kual Makuer said the two states’ government and neighboring states should intervene so that people of Jurmanageer go back and develop their places.

“We, the Youth of Jurmanangeer and of Apuk as whole, cannot pay deaf ear any more to the suffering of our innocent people. We want to say enough is enough and we are calling upon the government of the two concerned states of Gogrial and Northern Liech including our sisterly neighboring states of Twic and Tonj governments to intervene immediately and save the lives of our beloved citizens and allow those displaced to go back to develop their areas,” said Kual.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor on Monday, Kual further claimed that 12 people from Apuk County had been killed and six others wounded in separate incidents over the past two years by suspected heavily armed youth from the neighboring state.

“From 2017 to 2018, we have lost 12 innocent civilians and six others wounded. Due to the insecurity constantly caused by the heavily armed culprits from Northern Liech state, it has forced civilians to desert Apuk area. Some have taken permanent residence in neighboring communities of Luo-Atiik, Konggor and Twic Mayardit,” Kual claimed.

He said several peace initiatives had been done to bring peace between people of Apuk and Northern Liech state yet no peace has been realized in his county since then.

“However, talks were initiated in 2012 by local authorities of former Gogrial East and former Mayom Counties in which the resolution was that both communities to cease cattle raiding to allow people of Apuk to go back to rebuild their destroyed houses but after few months the conflict started,” he claimed.

Kual said that despite the presence of the forces, the suspects continued to kill and occupy some areas of Apuk.

“We are so much concerned with the special forces in Mayen-Jur. These forces have been deployed in the area, yet people are always being murdered from time to time in a broad day light,” Kual continued claiming.

In his part, Abraham Malual Deng Apuk North County commissioner said there have been series of attacks by suspected criminals from neighboring defunct Unity Northern Liech State.

“Yes, we have lost 12 people and seven wounded. Recently, a man and some women were killed. We do not exactly know where these criminals are coming from but I believe they are from Northern Liech state. These criminals come to attack people in Apuk forcing many of them to flee their homes,” Commissioner, Malual told Juba Monitor on Phone from Apuk North County on Tuesday.

Malual, however, called on the suspected criminals to desist from the act and embrace peace.

“We are now in peace and there is no need for killing ourselves. I, therefore, call on the people of Nothern Liech State and Gogrial state at large to love ourselves and live in peaceful co-existence,” Commissioner Malual urged.

Effort to reach officials from Northern Liech State for comments proved futile by press time.

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