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Junior parliament launched to highlight youth challenges

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By Kitab A Unango

The Grand Debaters’ Associated on Saturday launched The Grand Junior Parliament-South Sudan (TGJP-SS) to encourage young South Sudanese to come together to discuss issues affecting them.

The Grand Junior Parliament-South Sudan is aimed at empowering youth to embrace peaceful coexistence, harmonising cultures across the country and enhancing youth engagement in ending the on-going violence.

The chairman of the Grand Debaters’ Association-South Sudan, Phillip Malaak Chol said the organisation wanted the authority to provide secured environment for them to carry on their activities.

He said his organisation was unable to reach some parts of the country with peace messages due to insecurity.

“We are non-political organisation. Our aim is to bring South Sudanese youth together to discuss issues affecting them and reach peaceful solutions,” he said.

However, Malaak noted that they sometimes find it difficult to deliver peace messages to youth across the country because of insecurity.

Malaak called upon the authorities in the country to make the environment safe so that they will be able to preach peace to young South Sudanese.

Mr Malaak pointed out that the youth were the backbone of the country yet some were ignorant and the most supporters of the on-going violence in the country.

“If all the youth in the country know their values and the importance of peace, there will be no fighting in our country. So we want youth to come together regardless of their sex, region of origin and social background to know the importance of peace in South Sudan and shun violence,” he urged.

Malaak said Gender Based Violence and child marriage were some of the issues affecting youth in the country adding that there was need for immediate solutions to bring peace in the country.

Mr Malaak said the Grand Junior Parliamentarian- South Sudan will ensure that cases like violation of women and girls’ rights are addressed through youth engagement.

“Girls’ rights are being violated often times and that has got serious negative impact on their studies,” Mr Malaak added.


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