Jungle law should not prevail

We cannot and should not let jungle law to prevail in our country, South Sudan. No human has a right over the other apart from God. We should condemn in the strongest terms possible, those individuals trying to suppress other people’s rights.

It is ironical for someone to say they want to live alone and have no relation with anyone. No one is an island. We are all intertwined. Everyone depends on the other for their existence. The letter by Bor Community Youth Association (BCYA) and the Equatorians likewise depicts our childish nature. How can we claim to have studied and yet demand for the removal of one group from our area?

In a letter dated 28th June, 2017, the Bor Community Youth Association issued a stern warning against Equatorians living and working with NGOs in Jonglei State to evacuate within 72 hours (3 days) ultimatum. The letter, addressed to UN OCHA (through ‘state RRC office’), demanded that all the NGOs and Community Based Organizations’ (CBOs) evacuate their Equatorian staff from Bor. This was followed by a second letter dated 3rd July, 2017, warning of imminent danger of attack against Equatorians in Bor. The Equatorians also responded with their own letter demanding for the people who hail from Bor to evacuate the Equatoria region.

The two associations; Bor and Equatoria should be prosecuted in a court of law for incitement and hate speech. How can we allow the two to cause panic and state of lawlessness in the country? Their statements depict immaturity and a sign of impending danger. They are trying to divide South Sudanese along tribal line which is a recipe for disaster.

As a government and the International community, legal action should be taken against these two groups lest they lead to a catastrophe.

This sinister warning, crude though it is, should not be taken as an idle threat, and should be summarily condemned by the International Community and the government of South Sudan.

When we voted for separation in January 9th 2011, we voted for South Sudan’s Independence and not Equatoria or Bor’s Independence. How is it that just six years since our independence, we are out to suppress and threaten each other with bodily harm? Have we lost our sanity or is it that we no longer trust one another as South Sudanese nationals?

It is high time we accept one another and give dialogue a chance for us to be able to mend the wrong deeds that have been done over the past years. I call upon the two groups to cease and desist from spreading hate speech and the government and International community to ensure that all South Sudanese irrespective of their ethnicity are given the necessary security.

By Sasuk Taban

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