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Judges still out of courts as cases piles up

The Justices and Judges Committee of Judiciary yesterday vowed to continue with their strike until the Chief Justice Chan Reec Madut resigns or is fired by the President.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor, Justice Khalid Mohamed Abdalla President of Court of Appeal and Chairman of Justice and Judges Committee repeated past sentiments that weak administration of Chief Justice Chan Reec Madut had driven judges into an indefinite strike.

“The problem of the judiciary lies on its leadership as the judiciary is being run by single person, a one man show judiciary, the chief justice who has forced judges to go on an indefinite strike,” Justice Abdalla said.

He said it was now three weeks since judges went on strike and that the country was currently being run with only two arms of the government.

“You cannot run the country with only the executive and the legislative,” they said. In any country around the world the government must have three organs to function”.

Abdalla said all arms of the government are equal and there is no point that others should be treated more important adding, the judges do not have cars for their movements.

“We have reached to an extend where more than four judges share one court room. Although the President had allocated building annexed to the judiciary in Juba to be utilized as Courts rooms. To date no action has been taken,” Abdalla said.

The President of the Court of Appeal said the judiciary is facing many challenges which he said would be resolved if the Chief Justice resigns or is fired.

Abdalla stressed that their strike was purely about the failure of the Chief Justice to manage the judiciary and the failure of the government to provide allowances and other needs had nothing to do with politics as some people want to portray.

By Opio Jackson

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