Judegs strike holds prosecutions

Prosecution of cases in the courts has seriously been hit by the continuous strike of the Judges. The director of public prosecution in the ministry of Justice and constitutional affairs said.

Filbert Mayuot Mareng said the prisons are now filled up with a lot of prisoners because there are no Judges on the bench to hear cases.

He said there are a number of accused and remand prisoners who are waiting trial or are still in the course of investigations and they are either referred to the court or need to be granted bail but thy have not been able to complete the process because of the strike.

Mareng said even if some cases have got sufficient evidence which would enable them to be referred to Competent Courts to see into it that trials takes place, there are no judges to try the cases saying the congestion in the prison is basically because the judges are on strike.

“The strike of the judges has created very many impacts; of course it has affected the cases very seriously. Some of these cases might have been disposed off; had it not been the strike of the judges,” Mareng said.

“Those whose cases were only on trial and the process of trial was going on have now been brought to a halt because the proceedings are now suspended and the people who are under arrest and the cases are on trial are still there,” he added.

He added that when the courts are not working for any reason, there would be no progress in the prosecution of those who face charges in serious cases adding that there are currently no bails in the custody although their cases have been completed. He said the strike of the judges has actually created a situation which he described as “unfortunate.”

“So the strike of the Judges has seriously affected the trend of prosecution of cases in the courts,” he said.

The judges and the justices around the country are in an open strike demanding for the resignation of the Chief Justice, Chan Reec Madut better working conditions as well as better payment.

The Judges and Justices have now taken more than three weeks into their strike with no sign of calling off.

President Salva Kiir had earlier formed a committee headed by the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affaires to look into the Judges strike but since then no positive result has been made.

By Morris Dogga                                 

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