Jubek State’s Ministry of Local Government trains over 125 staff

By Rose Keji Benjamin

Mr. Isaac Ribek Benjamin, Jubek State’s Minitry of Local Government, picture by Rose Keji Benjamin, Juba, 13th October 2017,  Juba Monitor:

At least one hundred and twenty-five employees in Jubek State have completed a three-month training in law enforcement, the Minister of Local Government, Law Enforcement and Parliamentary Affairs has said.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, Isaac Ribek Benjamin, said the staff who have been trained will be deployed in Rejaf, Juba and in other counties in the State. He said they will add to the capacity of the existing manpower.

“The capacity of the Jubek State has gone down due to the economic crisis, but we are ready to train more officials,” Mr. Ribek said.

However, he clamined that Jubek State’s Ministry of Local Government and Law Enforcement is the leading amongst the  thirty-two states. He said Jubek State alone has over twenty  members of parliament compared to other states.

Ealier, the Chairperson of the Local Government Board in Jubek State, Clement Khamis Komuyoagi, said the training of these staff  was to fill the gap created by  the lack of manpower.

According to Khamis, the administration has been facing difficulties and the already trained staff will be deployed in their respective places within the state. He said the staff they have are only for the former ten states.

“We have faced many challenges in the local government board, but we will make sure that everything comes to normal,” Komuyoagi said.

He appealed to the national government to co-operate with the Local Government board in resolving some problems regarding the shortage of staff and facilities.

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