Jubek state to revive health programs in schools

The authorities in Jubek state are stepping up efforts to introduce and revive all the health programs in school in a bit to prevent and control communicable diseases, said the state minister of health.

Dr. James Jada said his government will revive and introduce school health programs in all the schools to ensure that all students get appropriate health care services.

He said the move would help provide emergency care for illness or injury while at school to prevent further complication while learning. “In the state policy on school health programs, nutrition and clinical services have to care for students and school personnel”.

The minister of health made these remarks yesterday during a workshop organized by Health link on school health program.

Dr. Jada said provision of counseling and healthy topics could best serve as a medical resource in the development of health programs in school.

He called on all stakeholders to join hands with the Ministries of health and education together to provide and promote health programs in learning institutions.

Meanwhile Dr. Wani Sule Lado, Jubek state Minister of Education, Gender and Social Welfare said there is need to develop and strengthen school health system to improve cycles of developmental programs in order to promote and protect human health system.

He said the health program will help children and their parents to get more information on the basic issues including First aid, early provision of proper nutrition and dietary needs which will help build immune system of young children to grow healthy.

Dr. Lado said healthy eating and introduction of sporting activities in childhood and adolescence; promote optimal childhood health, growth, and intellectual development which he said it prevents immediate health problems.

“School health programs can help children and adolescents attain full educational potential and good health by providing them with the skills, social support, and environmental reinforcement they need to adopt,” he said.

He added that poverty; physical isolation, vulnerability and powerlessness are seen as factors hampering school children activities saying it would only be eradicated through introduction of health program system.

Dr. Lado urged the local school authorities to collaborate and care for the health of children in school to ensure that there is healthy learning environment.

By Moses Gum Degur

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