Jubek state to expand airport road

By Elia Joseph Loful

Authorities in Jubek State are set to demolish buildings along Juba airport road via Crown Hotel for further road expansion.

The eastern airport road was damaged by flood which the city council blamed the buildings for always causing running water blockage.

Thiik Thiik Mayardit, the Deputy Mayor of Juba City Council said they have been directed by Jubek State Governor Augustino Jadalla Wani to supervise the work.

He blamed the company that previously worked on the road for a poor work done.

“We are here today according to the instructions from Governor Augustino Jadalla Wani to work again on the road. For I was about to take the company to the court because what they did previously on the same was very bad,” Thiik said.

He added that some parts of Crown Hotel which was built close to the road will be affected by the construction.

Mayor Thiik said the hotel was built on land belonging to the airport “but the people who sold the place are responsible.”

EYAT construction Company contracted for the work has promised to rehabilitate the road better.

Dr. Daniel Wani the engineer said the road was poorly constructed without considering the drainage system around the area.

He said it was damaged because water could not flow freely since the bridge was not raised high enough.

“The bridge built across the road was built long time ago. It is very low because it retains water which makes it to overflow to Hai Gabat residential area and  water cannot flow freely because there are some people who have constructed on the roadside,” Dr Wani said.

Dr. Wani said the City Council and the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure of Jubek State have directed for demolition of the buildings erected along the road.

“These buildings here are all blocking the road that is why the bridge cannot contain that much flow of water. The Mayor is here and the minister of physical infrastructure. They are the people responsible and are already going to give directives for the buildings to be demolished,” Dr. Wani said.

He stated that there will be no compensation for the people who are going to be affected by the road construction.

“First of all they have built on the road. These are planned roads, they can demolish because this is a road,” he said.

Engineer Wani said the work on the road will take nearly 90 days to complete.

Meanwhile the Minister of physical infrastructure Jubek State Francis Swaka said those who will be affected by the construction will have to face the consequences of the initiative of the rehabilitation.


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