Jubek State to construct eight more county headquarters

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Jubek State government has launched what it described as taking towns to rural areas by constructing eight county headquarters in the state.

Speaking during the opening of the fifth session of Jubek State Transitional Legislative Assembly on Wednesday, Jubek State Governor Augustino Jadalla Wani said the state government has completed the construction of 9 county headquarters out of 13 counties in the state this year 2019.

He said those counties in the plan of construction will start next year 2020 as part of SPLM vision.

Governor Jadalla revealed that a team of Chinese engineers were ready with the construction materials to come and start their work. He said among the counties that were constructed as sample includes Rejaf and Luri.

“In general, condition of roads in Jubek State is very dire as heavy rain has been mercilessly washing away all efforts made to repair our roads. State government remains relentlessly committed to maintain all roads in the state so far construction of Simmone Jada Bridge have been completed and maintenance  of Aba Yelif curve, seventh day Adventist roundabout and road linking Konyokonyo market to Juba Bridge,” said Jadallah.

He added that efforts to connect Jubek government with the citizens by reopening Equator Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) radio station was successful.

“The radio is now vibrantly back in the air while additional measures have been taken to reactive the T.V section so that our masses are well informed about the government,”  Jadalla said.

He revealed that in an endeavour to provide more learning space for the children, the state government has recently approved establishment of 5 Secondary schools to start in the next academic year.

He said one secondary school will be in Juba City and the other 4 in the counties of Rejaf, Lirya, Ganji and Rokon.

He pointed that for agriculture and forestry, the state government has trained 38 farmers on market oriented crop production at Kapuri Agricultural Centre and considerable number of forest rangers to combat illegal logging and random tree cutting, Jadalla narrated.

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