Jubek State tables special economic bill for second readings

By: Kitab A Unango

Jubek state Transitional Legislative Assembly, in its fifth session, seventh ordinary sitting yesterday tabled for the second deliberations the Special Economic Zone Authority Bill.

The draft bill was presented before State Law Makers by Francis Yokuei, Chairperson of the select committee tasked to study and report on the Jubek State Special Economic Zone Authority Bill.

The draft bill is in accordance with the provisions of Article 37, read together with section (b) paragraph (14) and schedule (c) paragraph (5) of the former Central Equatoria State Transitional Constitution, 2012 amended 2015.

The bill, if enacted in to law, will provide for establishment of regulatory body that will be responsible for development and management of Jubek State special economic zone and free trade zone.

It will also promote the economic growth as its objective and as well to sustain the importation and exportation of goods, works and services within Jubek State.

Peter Kenyi Tombe, Speaker of Jubek State Transitional Legislative Assembly, commended the select committee chaired by Francis Yokuei for studying and making necessary adjustments to the bill.

He said the draft bill when enacted in to law will reform the state economic sector as well as preventing corruption and ensure transparency and accountability in awarding contracts to private sectors.

Without mentioning when Kenyi said “Last time two foreign nationals contracted by the state government ran away with some documents.” 

Following the second reading the bill will be subjected to third readings then sent to the governor to sign into law.

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