Jubek state counties receive motorcycles

Jubek State Ministry of Health in collaboration with Health Link-a national Non-governmental organization has donated 10 motorcycles to ten counties within the state.
The motorcycles were handed over yesterday during a Boma Health Initiative workshop organized by the Jubek Ministry of Health.
James Jada Eluzai, Jubek state Minister of Health said the motorcycles would facilitate the supervision of all the health units in the counties which he said each county commissioner should make sure that they are not misused by the health officials.
“These motorcycles should be utilized for efficient service delivery by the county health officers. It is not going to be motorcycles for one person,” Eluzai said. “It should be used for supervising health facilities,” he added.
The Chief Executive Director for Health Link Emmanuel Ashini Barigo said it was a collaboration of some NGOs and other donors in order to support the health sector in the country.
He said due to challenges in movement of the health officers, they had procured 10 motorcycles to help them in reaching out health units as well as collect reports for the Ministry of Health.
Barigo said through County Health Department, they would help to maintain the motorcycles in terms of the operational costs.
He added that plans were under way to give more motorcycles to other states.
He said the 10 motorcycles cost 45,000 United States Dollars.
The counties that received the motorcycles include Lobonok, Lokiliri, Lado; Luri, Mangala, Dolo, Rokon; Lirya Gondokoro and Rejaf.
However there are three counties that were not given motorcycles due to insecurity in those areas.
Eluzai said the other three counties of Ganji, Bungu and Wonduruba would receive their motorcycles once the security situation is improved.

By Morris Dogga

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