The Jubek State Legislative Assembly should summon the Mayor of Juba city to explain the ongoing construction of commercial buildings at Konyo Konyo newly inaugurated Bus Park.  During the launch of the Bus park earlier last year the administration of Juba City council had promised to deliver spacious and standard Bus park to the residents of Juba but the hidden plan behind the construction of the new park is revealing itself. I thought the construction of the Bus Park was meant to meet the needs of the increasing number of passengers’ vehicles at the park as the population in the city is growing. But to everybody’s surprise, it seems the intention was different because with this ongoing construction of commercial stalls at the Bus Park there is going to be more congestion in the area. You cannot combine Bus Park with the market together. If you have ever reached Konyo Konyo Park you would see serious construction of commercial buildings going round the vicinity of the Bus Park which is not right. The Jubek State Legislative Assembly should summon the Mayor to explain how the construction of those commercial buildings came about in the park. What the public knows about Konyo Konyo Freedom Square now turned a bus park is a public land and it is abuse of office to turn public assert into a private owned property because the current administration will not remain there for good but Juba City Council will always be there. For that matter its assets including land should not be sold out. The state lawmakers should summon the Mayor to answer questions about the ongoing constructions of commercial buildings at the Konyo konyo Bus Park.

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