Juba University to close down after end of exams

By RofinaTeteng

The University of Juba is set to shut down for the second time after theend of the ongoing exams, the National Taskforce Audit committee has recommended.

The committee led Dr. Richard Lakomade the recommendation after the university and a couple of hotels visit to see whether the preventive measures were being implemented in the institutions yesterday.

The National Taskforce Audit Committee observed whether the institutions meet the required standards based on the guidelines recommended by the National Taskforce on Covid-19.

Dr. Lako who is also the incident manager for Covid-19 addressed reporters after the exercise and said all the three institutions visited have performed better but recommended that more needed to be done.

“We have visited the University of Juba and Royal Palace Hotel to ensure the order given by the Vice President for Service Cluster Hussein Abdelbagi on Covid-19 to see whether there is bending of social gatherings in the country ban,” he said.

“We are glad to announce that Covid-19 and the committees have reached the following conclusions.Promoting behaviors that reduce spread of Covid-19 rate, the University of Juba has scored low rate of Covid-19 spread due to maintenance of healthy environment operations in the university, mitigating the impact on the second spread of Covid-19 in the country. The university has scored 27/33 and they are looking at a range of the classification of the level of the risk,” he said.

“However, we have made some of the observations and this observation is mandated to the university to work on. The university students abide by the regulations but there are those who are not wearing face masks. This is the important point the university should work on,” he added.

For his part, the actingdeputy chancellor of the University of Juba, Robert Deng said, “as an institution since we know the university has the low rate of Covid-19 which is very good, we are observing Covid-19 protocols enforced early this month. We are just doing exams after finishing; we will close the university.

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