Juba University runs on outdated books

By: Kitab A Unango

Students at University of Juba say they are finding it very difficult to access information from the institution’s main library due to lack of modern relevant books in the shelves.

According to the students who spoke to Juba Monitor, most of the books in the library were outdated back to 1980s which cannot be applied in the modern education system.

Some say other students were hiding the few modern books.

Martin John, a fourth year student currently doing research said he has resorted to online information which is costly to get.

“There are few modern books available in the library. Some students are now hiding books. They take them out from their right place on the shelf and place them where they can come and find anytime they need,” John said.

“I don’t visit the library nowadays because if I go I will not get the book I need. I search web sites for information and it is very expensive for some of us who are from poor family background.”

A first year student at the College of Natural Resources who sought anonymity also said since joining the university in 2019 his colleagues, he found it very hard to get modern books related to his faculty.

“They told me if I want to get the book I wanted, I should search for it social science shelf and sometimes I could search and even fail to get,” he said.

Dr. Mairi John Blackings, Academic Registrar University ofJuba said the institution lacks fund to import books yearly to meet the student’s information need.

“We are lacking hard currency to import books. Otherwise the physical infrastructure of the literary has completely improved. We have done a lot of renovation there,” Mairi told Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview in his office yesterday.

“Books are to be bought every year. We need to keep updating books, there are new editions of books coming every year but we are finding difficulties to keep up with that, we don’t have resources. The Books are very expensive.”

The library at the University is the only national library in the country accessed by students from other higher institutions and lecturers.

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