Juba University dismissed 14 and suspended 14 students for unrest

By James Atem Kuir

The Administration of Juba University has dismissed 14 students and suspended 14 others for two academic years for involvement in the January and October 2020 students’ unrests.

The order also imposed a hefty fine of up to 50,000 SSP on each of the 14 students suspended as alleged cost of damages incurred by the university. 

According to a document seen by Juba Monitor, the university board of Deans on 30th this month passed an order dismissing and suspending students depending on alleged degree of involvement in the events of January and October, 2020.

“The report of the committee that investigated the students’ examination unrest of January 22th, 2020 and the recent October protest, the Deans’ Board resolved that students involved in the events should either be dismissed or suspended depending on the magnitude of their involvement,” reads the document in part.

Those on suspension will upon return pay cost of damages incurred by the university,” the document said.

Last week, students at the university protested after they were refused entry by the Administration for not completing payment of tuition fees and other requirements.

The event prompted the administration to suspend lectures until 21, November and threatened to deregister students who would fail to complete payment by the time lectures resumes.

Gola Boi, the chairperson of the National youth Union last week initiated an online fundraising to raise money for Juba University students who are unable to pay their tuition fees.

Meanwhile, a statement by Community Empowerment for Progress Organization [CEPO] contested the dismissal of students by the University Administration and threatened to challenge it in the court yesterday.

“CEPO is considering decision of opening court case on the dismissal of university students from university of Juba,” the document threatens.

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