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Juba University closure not acceptable -Union

Students at the University of Juba said they will not accept closure of the university before Setempher despite lack of funds to keep it operational.

On Saturday during the last graduation, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Juba, Prof. John Akec raised serious concerns saying. “The University of Juba will be forced to close down before September if the government and development partners do not avail enough funds”.

“Now without additional support from elsewhere or from the government, our university is likely to close down before completing this current academic year,” Prof. Akec said.

Responding to Vice Chancellor’s concerns, Gum Thany Mon, Juba University Students’ Union Secretary said they will not allow the University to be closed before the end of the academic year.

He said the statement issued by the Vice Chancellor upset all students at the graduation.

“It is true that we are lacking resources, including lack of funds to efficiently run the university but Prof. Akech should not use it as an excuse to close down the university before the academic year and we shall not allow that to happen,”Mon said.

“He should instead use the little budget paid by students as fees to push the semester rather than complaining of lack of funding,” he added.

He said there should be  an interest to serve the nation through quality education despite financial constraints that the whole country is undergoing.

Mon appealed to the government and other development partners to rescue the situation of the University of Juba.

Moses Ujua Otho, a student from the College of Natural Resources and Environmental studies said it will be a great disappointment if the university close due to lack of funds adding it will derail studies.

“We are here for studies and many of us come from very far places purposely to study,” he said. “If the University is closed down, then it is a big blow to us who have no parents here,” he said.

He urged the university administration to consider the situation of the students by handling it responsibly to avoid any further delay of studies.

James Kol Majak, also a student at the School of Management Sciences appealed to the Vice Chancellor not to close down the doors of the university, but should continue negotiating with the government to get funds.

“I am appealing to our vice chancellor not to close down the university because it is not a solution,” he said. “The only solution is to continue negotiating with the government and other partners to get funds to run the university”.

Charles Wol Ubuogo, a student from Upper Nile University, College of Computer Science and Information Technology said though he comes from a different institution, he is worried  by the statement of Prof. Akec on the University closure before September due to underfunding.

Ubuogo called on the government to prioritize the higher institutions of learning by providing funds and other necessary materials to enhance education in the country.


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