The long awaited electrification of Juba City have turned the town in to a safe haven just one day of street lights which covered major roads on Sunday evening. The city looks like a city and with such transformation there is possible reduction of crime. It is one way to raze the sign of insecurity. Being the capital city, there must be proper ways of combating or bringing down the wave of crime and one of them is having lights in every corner that enable security patrol to identify wrong and good elements roaming the streets of Juba. This project has been on hold pending for some time with different excuses. It is now a reality and it is now upon the residents and the entire citizenship to come out and protect the very existence of the electricity program by preventing vandalism and other forms of damage control. With power in town investors will have to be encouraged and business would be carried out into late hours of the night and possible early morning. This means the country is geared and ready for development and change of approach to issues. It has not been forgotten that down the lines more than two years have elapsed when a famous announcement was made to the effect that there would be a Christmas gift that December holiday in the name of power for Juba. It was never to be until the current projects came into being. It is a sign of relief which should be the pride of everyone. Let the electricity commission on behalf of the government do a good job for the people and the country by providing now each household with power without discrimination or favour. The country should move in one direction as one unit undivided for the sake of developing this country. It is the mandate of all and no one should shy away from it.

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