Juba to be electrified before 2017 ends

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Juba will be electrified before the end of this year, this was an assurance from Mr. Beck Awan Deng, the Chairperson of South Sudan Electricity Co-operation.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Mr. Awan, said Juba city will have power unless the plans put in place by the National Electricity Co-operation are incapacitated by unforeseen realities.

He said the current work been done in terms of fixing eclectic cables and poles, is to maintain and expand Juba distribution power network to other areas such as; Munuki, Gudele, Gumbo, New Site suburbs  and many other areas that never had power before.

“Unless something else happened, we will have power along the main government’s lines of services, as I had mention before, the areas along  the Parliament, government hospital and military hospital, Hai-Amarat, the State House(J-1), ministries and relevant government’s institutions,” Beck said.

He explained that the Co-operation is working with its mandate, which he said is to ensure that the national capital, Juba electrified and all electric poles and cables are fixed and function before the year elapses.

Mr. Beck disclosed that electricity will also be extended to other cities in the country. He said for example power from Renk can be extended to Wau, and power will also be extended to border towns of; Nimule, Kaya and hopeful Kajo-Keji.

Mr. Beck divulged that the machines at Juba Power Station that has been silent for more than a year, are now working to ensure that they present the people of Juba with power as the Christmas gift.

He assured the residents of Juba that work is under way to ensure all the Juba distribution networks are checked and faults are corrected.

The chairperson of South Sudan Electricity Co-operation said there is a contractor to supply fuel to energize machines of the Juba power station.

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