Juba Teaching Hospital stocks with drugs

Juba Teaching Hospital that had been hit hard by scarcity of drugs two months ago has been stocked with enough drugs, said the director of pharmacy of the hospital.

Dr. Nathaniel Mogga said the main referral Hospital in the country has received drugs last month as donations from NGOs like UNICEF, MSF, ICRC, UNFPA and WHO.

He said the stock of drugs they received last month will expire in July, October and others in December and they are currently trying to get rid of them before time.

“When they see that their drugs are almost to expire, say two or three months is when they bring them to the hospital. We at the hospital usually ensure that the drugs are utilized before their expiry date,” Dr. Mogga said.

He added that the hospital used to receive medicines every three months through a quarterly system but it has ceased to be operational.

“Now we are not receiving as we used to receive before. It is not quarter system like before; we can stay for five months without receiving drugs,” he said. “At times we get medicines once a year and when we get twice a year we consider ourselves lucky,” Dr. Mogga said.

He further said that the drugs at the hospital will be stocked in the referral clinics and only administered to in-patients.

Dr. Mogga said that when drugs are abundant they can give to outpatients, but for now we can only provide medicines to in-patients and only prescribe medication to outpatients.

The Ministry of Health should improve on better management and stock management of drugs in hospitals across the country, a civil society activist said.

Meanwhile, Jame Kolok, the Director of Foundation for Democracy and Accountable Governance (FODAG) said the health ministry should develop a better management system that indicates how much stock of drugs are brought in and how much go out such that if certain drugs are lacking in hospitals across the country they could be replenished.

He commended the Minister of Health, Dr. Riek Gai Kok for his elaborate commitment in ensuring that the health system runs not only in Juba but also across the country.

Kolok said it was sad to learn that Juba Teaching Hospital had run out of drugs and added that the Ministry of Health is an important ministry that always needs to be looked after.

“The Ministry is an important ministry that needs to be looked into especially at this critical time where we have a lot of emergency cases and people seeking treatment at the hospital,” he said.

He further urged the government to find out whether the scarcity of drugs at the major hospitals in the country was due to absence of resources.

“The government should pay much attention to the Ministry of Health to ensure that drugs are always readily available in hospitals across the country,” Kolok stressed.

As of Monday, a Juba Monitor visited the Pharmacy store at Juba Teaching Hospital and witnessed that it was fully stocked with drugs. Piles of boxes fully stocked with drugs labeled MSF, UKAID, UNFPA could be seen.


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