Juba Teaching Hospital needs more cleaners

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday I went to Juba Teaching Hospital, the new buildings for China Aid has improved the environment of the hospital. It makes Juba Teaching Hospital looks standard. The thing that need to be improved immediately is the cleaning which is still very poor. The old buildings of the Hospital look very dirty and it is due to lack of frequent cleanness. I moved around and I saw patients were sitting in a dirty places within the wards of old buildings. It’s like there are no enough cleaners to do the work. Big hospital needs numbers of cleaners to keep environment clean.

If the hospital is dirty like that, people would get infected with other diseases than getting treatment. Additions those patients were not wearing facemasks, no social distances applied and other instructions of fighting Coronavirus weren’t observed. One of the staff was explaining to the patients how to prevent themselves from Coronavirus, but they paid less attention to her. It was like the woman was wasting her time. In the places I visited, there was no water for washing hands, no sanitizers to be applied. There was nothing reflecting the rules of the Ministry of Health in the Hospital.

Thus showed lack of strong administration in the hospital to implement what the Ministry of health said. Other private clinics and hospitals make sure that everybody has put facemask when visiting for preventions as they believed that there is still virus in the country because results are still coming from the Ministry of Health and World Health Organizations (WHO).  

 Not only that in such places people who have been diagnosed with virus and other transmitting diseases can easy transmit to others.  Yet, the health workers working in the hospital there protection is not enough, I have seen only foreigners were using gloves and facemasks.

However, the Ministry of Health should make sure that the necessary facilities for preventions are provided in the hospital including water for washing hands and sanitizers. They should employ more cleaners and improve their salaries, may be some of them are not coming to the work due to less payment.

May God bless us all.    

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