Juba Teaching Hospital lacks Hepatitis vaccine

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Hepatitis is one of the serial killer diseases that claims lives in the country.

Unfortunately Juba Teaching Hospital, the country’s largest referral center lacks the vaccine to reduce the deaths.

Yesterday, Dr Isaac Cleto Rial, the Director General of Juba Teaching Hospital told Juba Monitor that there are efforts to ensure that the vaccine is available at the health facility with support from the Ministry of Health.

“Hepatitis is transmitted through unsafe sex, kissing and body sweat and all I can say per now is we should be careful, avoid unsafe sex”, said Dr Isaac.

Dr Isaac said Hepatitis kills once it is not controlled or treated while at its early stage.

Though the government facilities in the country lack vaccines for Hepatitis, it does not mean that citizens should not find other ways of getting it.

A reliable source at Jubek State Ministry of Health said that it is not only at Juba Teaching Hospital that lacks the vaccine.

The source at Jubek State Ministry of Health revealed that people who come for Hepatitis vaccination are always referred to private hospitals or clinics.

Ajah Monycol vaccinated herself at one of the private hospitals in Juba. She spent 10,000 SSP per dose and is now worried about those who cannot afford the cost.

“I vaccinated myself at one of the private hospitals and paid 10,000SSP but what worries more is the people down there who cannot even afford one pound a day”, said Ajah

Malual Jacob, revealed that he lost a close relative to Hepatitis E a week ago and appealed to the Ministry of Health to avail the vaccines in all government hospitals in the country.

Both the Minister and the Under Secretary in the Ministry of Health could not be reached for comment over plans to vaccinate vaccinates masses against Hepatitis.

Ocan Johnson who is in Kampala told Juba Monitor that one of his close friends came to Uganda and was found with Hepatitis E and was put in insolation at one of the health facilities in Uganda.

“One of our friends came from Juba and tested positive with Hepatitis E and was put in isolation but the doctor said that he will infect others”, said Ocan.

In Juba City those who can afford are get vaccination from private health centers.

Hepatitis is categorized in many forms such as Hepatitis A,B,C and E, which is believed to the most dangerous.

Hepatitis is transmitted through body contacts with persons infected with the virus and can be treated when discovered at an early stage.

Hepatitis is so dangerous when it reaches the liver and as it affects the functions of the Liver leading to death.


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