The current construction of Juba International Stadium is set to be completed in June this year, just two months to go. The new face is slotted to have 35,000 capacity at one given time as opposed to the initial planned 7,000 capacity. The cost may be wanting but it should be understood that the world body FIFA is in the lead in contributing to and supporting the project. This time around the management of funds should be keenly monitored and the local football body put in focus to properly account for every penny that is channeled to them to manage and use for the completion of the stadium. The danger which occurred when part of the then construction collapsed should be watched and put to rest since the venue is meant to host thousands of people who are sports or football lovers. The local management body should watch and monitor keenly the construction to ensure it was completed without any hitch or supposed danger to future use bearing in mind that the stadium would be used for many sporting activities including public events that may attract a large number of people, among them national events. This time, let the announced completion be real and on time unlike previously when the timeline was given for three months but ended up taking more than a year since then. Members of the public should equally remain watchdogs to national projects and ensure they were done to the required standard as a national heritage instead of leaving the task to the contractors and fund managers who may be easily compromised in doing shoddy work for a course that is beneficial to the nation.  There are some people who do not give a hoot about such important projects or programs believing that those charged with managing their affairs should remain responsible forgetting that they also stand responsible and accountable.

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