JUBA-Set for modern malls in a year

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

 City Mayor, Michael Ladu Allah-Jabu yesterday promised to transform Juba into a modern mall to be like other cities in the world. The mayor who addressed the press on his arrival from Nairobi said that Juba town will be turned into a section of effective malls for businesses and investments compared to the current model in which the work would start within one and half year from now.

This came after his three days visit to Nairobi where he has accompanied a delegation of the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) and other seven members from the council with the aim of learning the Nairobi experience to enable them to change the existing image and shape of Juba to correspond with the world standard of towns and cities.

Speaking to the Media, Ladusaid that organizing the Juba was one of his priorities and goals.

“We are talking about how to organize the city. This is one of the main aims in my policy in Juba town. It has relations with providing services and urban development,” he said.

He also added that“We want to build one of the model markets in the form of Malls, and also to change the shape of all markets in Juba town.”

On his part, the Country Representative of FAO,  Meshack Malo said that the estimated time to start and finish the construction was going to be one and half year.

“The construction duration will be around one and a half year, while the amount that will be used is four million dollars,” he said.

He further said that their visit was to study the best practices of developing the city infrastructure which was initiated by theFAO, South Sudan.

The delegation visited five markets and Malls in Nairobi which include Yaya, Cacarelin, and Ngong, the team also visited Kajiado County which is among the Counties with successful market stories.


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