The facts that the construction of the Juba-Rumbek road has been suspended speak volume for itself. It shows that something really went wrong and if so someone outside there must answer questions from the public. This person must have been trusted by the appointing authority; in this case the presidency. Simply, he or she did not do the job as required with the mandate that accompanied the appointment. Time is now in which those given opportunities to serve the public and the country in different portfolios must be properly vetted and their backgrounds brought to light before taking such positions. In some instances, they should be subjected to public scrutiny and opinions where those who are privy to their past backgrounds come forwards and reveal what they knows. There have been those appointees in the past who have not lived to their expectations. This project of Juba-Rumbek highway is costing the taxpayers dearly. The only unfortunate thing at the moment is that the composition of the full government is not in place making some institutions toothless like the Anti-Corruption bodies and similar organs. People who are taking up public service delivery should search their soul and only feel free to take those positions when they are fully convinced that they were for the task and would be able to deliver without letting down the appointing authority. It is pointless to take up a responsibility that one cannot effectively manage and stick to it. It has come or it is coming a time when one’s performance will be judged by the general public who are the tax-payers and who are the employers of the public servants. The case of the Juba-Rumbek Highway project is a sad, and one disappointing because the local engineers did not take it upon themselves to help supervise the construction effectively and efficiently from day one. This kind of situation must come to an end if the country has to be seen growing in the socio-economy world.

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