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Juba residentsplan for refugee life

South Sudanese fleeing unidentified location(FILE PHOTO)

By Taban Gabriel

South Sudanese living in the Capital Juba are planning to seek refuge in the neighboring countries by January 2017 if the current economic crises contentious.

The Juba residentstold Juba Monitor thatthe skyrocketing prices of goods have affected their livelihoods to extend that they can no longer bear.

Margret Juan, a mother of four says her husband’s salary is not enough to sustain their family for a period of one month.

“My husband receives 1500 SSP; this money can’t buy a bag of flour alone not to talk of paying schools fees for my kids. Then why can’t we, like others, go to camp where we [will] get free food,” Juan said.

She added that increase in school fees also influenced her decision to go for refugee. The Rock city resident calls on humanitarian agencies to rescue people in Juba with food ratios “to avert some families from starvation.”

James Morgan, a father of two, is a police officer and operates a bar at the suburbs of Nyakuron where he resides.  Morgan said previously he could afford two meals daily to his family, but that, he added, has now changed to one due to the high cost of living currently in the country.

“You know things are not easy these days, even providing food for my two kids alone is defeating me, not to talk of their school fees, ” he said “That is why I have decided that I will send them to the camp where they would get free education while I struggle for them some money here.”

Morgan said he has spent three months without receiving salary and that the business in his bar has also dropped sharply because of the crisis.

Another resident of Juba who identified himself as Bangu said his main fear is the uncertainty of the security situation in the country.

“You know Women and children are the most vulnerable group of people if there is war, that is why I want to send my wife and the kid to Uganda to have a save stay,” he said.

The citizens said they are just waiting for the end of year schools term and results so that their children could get enrolled to the schools in the camps.

The United Nation in September reported that the number of refugees mostly women and children fleeing from South Sudan after the renewed violence in the capital Juba in July has passed one million.

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