Juba residents decry high electricity tariffs

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

Juba residents who are connected to the City power have raised complaints over the high charges levied on them by the supplier.

The Juba Power – the first of its kind was launched last year.  The 100Megawatts power plant was built by Ezra Company Limited.

So far, some streets and residential areas are already enjoying the power provided by the plant.

However Juba Residents who are connected to the power have complained that the charges were very expensive for them to continue maintaining it in their homes.

Deng Emmanuel, a tenant in Tongping who spoke to Juba Monitor said that they recently loaded units of power worth Ten thousand South Sudanese pounds but did not even last a week.

“In my compound we contributed money and loaded power units of ten thousand pounds but the units did not even last for a week and this is making it hard because we are spending a lot of money on power,” said Deng.

Another user Kameron David who runs a small retail shop with a fridge and a fan in Tongping says it is becoming so difficult to have power in his shop because of the high power price.

Kameron compared that he was using a lot more money now than using his previous personal generator.

 “The people in charge of Juba power should revise their charges per unit if they need more people to subscribe to their services otherwise people will go back to using generator or solar for power,” said Kameron.

For Lori Patrick, the excitement of the new power is fading slowly saying the charges were too much when using gadgets such as fridge, flat iron, heater and Television.

“I realized that the more electronic equipment you have the more money you pay, meaning that we should only use the power for light only no leisure,” said Lori.

A lady who only identified herself as Ajah bitterly said that the government should ensure that the power is affordable to every South Sudanese.

“I appeal to the government to engage the team behind Juba power so that they can make it affordable for every South Sudanese but if it continues to be expensive then some people will be left out,” Ajah said.

Currently majority of the residents living in Juba town, Hai-Amarat, Hai-Thoura, Hai-Neem, Hai-Kuwait, Hai-Gabat and Hai-Jalaba and other surroundings are connected to the power.

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