Juba residents complain over poor hygiene

By Sarah Uba

Residents across Juba city are complaining of poor hygiene in the markets and residential areas.

They claim lack of sewage tanks and garbage collection trucks lead to littering of the city with both liquid and solid wastes.

Nana Peter, a resident of Nyankuron West said they now burn rubbish because there are no vehicles to collect the wastes from the residential areas.

“It is risky for our lives to live with the garbage,” she said. “There must be some trucks collecting rubbish for the sake of keeping the environment clean and safe.”

Nana added that before 2013, some trucks used to collect rubbish from her neighborhood once a week but after the war started, the service stopped.

Richard Arien, a resident of Hai Thoura said shortage of sewage tanks and garbage trucks have contributed to the unclean environment of Juba.

“During rainy seasons we used to throw wastes in the steams. It helps us take away the garbage from our residential areas,” Arien said.

Meanwhile John Kuol who has shop at New Site appealed to the government to provide necessary support for keeping the city and its surroundings clean.

“We as business community we pay taxes every month to City Council for cleaning environment, but nothing is being done. The markets need to always be clean in order to prevent some serious diseases such as typhoid, cholera and so forth,” she added.

“As peace returns to our country, I call upon the government to do something in ensuring safety of the environment,” he added.

Juba City Council authority in the past said the few garbage trucks they have cannot cover all parts of the city.

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