Juba residents appeal for end to criminality

By: Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Residents of Juba city are calling on the government to look into the issue of gangsters and organized criminals who normally rob people at night across the Juba City.

The groups commonly known as “Toronto” or “niggers” move in residential areas armed with machetes and sometimes guns at night.

On meeting rival groups or people, they fight causing havoc and in some cases interrupt social gatherings.

Simon Malok, a local in Giada called on the government to stop forceful recruitment of children, saying that those juveniles were the ones who could turn to criminality.

According to him, the groups are often blamed for the rise in cases of crimes, including rape and murder.

He said the disorderly groups have resorted to creating fear among residents of Giada and Suk-sita after they terrorized the areas for the last two days.

“I am now appealing to the government to intervene in order to stop activities of the juvenile groups in the city. They are responsible for the rise of criminality in the town,” he said.

John Deng, a resident of Gudele admitted that there was a rise in criminal cases since people have been constantly killed at his residential area at night.

“This is so disturbing. Last week, my neighbors were shot at night here in Gudele. When people are killed in the presence of the government, it becomes so discouraging. So government has to quell this overwhelming situation,” Deng stated.

Joseph John who resides in Jebel said that the motor riders could refuse to go to Jebel areas at night due to insecurity in the town.

“When you ask a boda-boda around Custom areas at late evening hours to Jebel, they always refuse. If asked they could say that, Jebel is full of criminals at night,” he said.

The three residents warned that if no action was taken, the juvenile groups may continue to pose security threats to residents of Juba and other parts of the country.

In November last year, Jubek state parliamentarians raised a concern over the increase of street children and the rise of juvenile crimes in Juba.

The state parliament noted that for the past 10 years, there has been an increase in juvenile offenses.

Last week, the national Members of Parliament demanded ministers responsible for security in the country to resign over increasing criminality in Juba town.

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