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Juba Monitor’s Editor In Chief re-appointed as a board member of EBC

By Lodu William Odiya

Juba Monitor’s Editor-in-Chief, Anna Nimiriano has been re-appointed a member of the Board of the Equator Broadcasting Cooperation (EBC).

Equator Broadcasting Cooperation (EBC) is Central Equatoria State’s public service broadcaster with two media channels, Equator Radio 89.4 FM and EBC TV.

Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony Wani reshuffled the ECB board in a gubernatorial decree issued on EBC radio Tuesday evening.

In the same decree, Mr. KarloArigo Wani was fired as managing director and reappointed as chair of the board while Margret Peter Abudi- became the deputy chair.   Muki Batali Bull, Rejoice Tio Samson, Faraj Juma Zaid and Stanlaus Tombe were appointed board members.

 Oliver Modi Philips appointed Acting Managing Director and Victor Keri Wani as Technical Advisor respectively. 

Governor Adil also issued other decrees for the establishment and appointment of the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson for the State Land Commission as herein;

01- Cde. Fred Lako- Chairperson, State Land Commission

02- Cde. Jiki Alex Bon- Deputy Chairperson, State Land Commissions

Other decrees coming into effect from Tuesday, 04th January were as follows;

(E)- Gubernatorial Decree No.05/2022 for the Appointment of Cde. Gama DeodineLubakare as an Executive Director, State Insurance Regulatory Authority.

(F)- Gubernatorial Decree No.06/2022 for the Appointment of Cde. Francis LuwalaYudaWani as an Executive Director, State Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation Commission

(J)-Gubernatorial Decree No. 10/2022 for the Appointment of Cde. Yasir Moro Kenyi as a Member of the State Investment Authority/Corporation

 (B)- Gubernatorial Decree No.02/2022 for the Relieve of two Executive Directors of the Independent Commission as herein;

02-Cde.Fred Lako- Executive Director, State Insurance Regulatory Authority.

(C)- Gubernatorial Decree No.03/022 for the Relieve of Cde. Francis LuwalaYudaWani from his position as a Member of State Investment Authority/Corporation.

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