Juba Monitor plan for Christmas season

By: Anna Nimiriano

Dear readers and clients of Juba Monitor, I would like to inform you that we are working during Christmas holidays. If you have Christmas greetings and congratulatory messages to your dear one bring them for publication, it is better to have such messages to our friends and relatives. Those who want to advertise their items for the New Year; they are also welcome to their best newspaper of the year 2019.

You can interact with our staff, especially, Editorial, distribution, marketing and advertisement departments. We need to appreciate our friends once a year to maintain good relationships. Those who got awards from Chamber of Commerce, if you want to congratulate them or appreciate the management of Chamber of Commerce, you are welcome.  Individuals who want to read newspaper during Christmas Holidays, Juba Monitor would be available in the markets.

Christmas of this year is going to be different for the reason that we are expecting better improvement next year from all sectors including government. New Year starts from December. If you are planning for next Year, you should start the plan this month or before.  I am even around, will move around Juba City to see how you are celebrating Christmas this year. I wrote several stories about December and Christmas Eve, those who are following my column can remember them. What I am seeing people are not doing well is general cleaning for Christmas. We remain with few days to celebrate Christmas, but Juba is still very dirty. This is one of the major issues leading to the failure of City Council due to the poor administration of the Mayor.

You don’t want to live in dirty place, please clean your surrounding for peaceful Christmas. Women know it very well when they are preparing to give birth to new baby , what are the necessary items to be available in the house.

Men also know what are to be purchased when a woman is pregnant. If we apply the above mentioned for Christmas, our environment will be clean. As a reminder to all of us, don’t forget January. You will finish all your money for buying things for Christmas, in January, you would sale them with cheaper prices. I have seen some families are buying two clothes and shoes to their children. If they planned well, it is okay otherwise.

 I Know with Christmas, your eyes will close; you cannot think of next Year and ignored prices of items in the markets. Some people would say God is great for next year. It is true God can help but you need also to help God in your family plan. God help those who help themselves.

What you can add more in the house during Christmas Eve is some water. Children are moving long distances, if they enter to your house, said “happy Christmas,” don’t send them out. If you don’t have some sweets and cake, give them water, God will bless you for that service. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all.

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