Juba Monitor Journalist harassed

By Staff writer

On Sunday one of Juba Monitor’s Journalists was harassed and nearly beaten at Hai-Malakal Residential area.

The Journalist was following a story of a house that caught fire on Sunday as a result of Fuel leakage.

Arriving at the scene, the reporter spoke to one individual who claimed to be a member of the family whose house was burnt to ashes and he accepted to give information on what caused the fire.

Two minutes later as the Journalist was questioning the family member and taking down notes, he was approached by two gentlemen who also claimed to be members of the family.

They asked for the reporter’s ID, which the reporter handed over to identify himself and which media house he works for.

One of the gentlemen grabbed the reporters note book and began tearing the pages, where he thought the Journalist had written on.

The reporter was asked whether he took photos and he responded by saying no because he left the camera’s memory card at the office.

This infuriated the person who was asking the journalist questions as he presumed that the journalist was fooling him.

“You think I am stupid,” he questioned as he checked through the camera but could not find any photo. He grabbed the camera and the ID and demanded the Journalist to produce the memory card as proof whether, he took photos or not.

The reporter pleaded with them that he did not take any photo but all was in vain as, he was whisked off the gate. While exiting the compound, one man threatened the reporter that he would shoot him, if he returns.

“I will shoot you if you come back here “said the man as he banged the gate.

Leaving the gate, the reporter called his seniors, who later advised him to report the matter to the nearest police station.

Reaching Hai-Malakia Police station, the Journalist explained what happened to one officer.

Later he was taken to another Police officer who is expected to be from the family where the incident happened.

However after narrating all that happened, the Policeman made calls and said that the camera and ID were to be brought to the station.

The reporter waited in vain, until another senior Family of the house was explained to what happened, he promised to come and sort out the problem but the reporter was told later that he would not make it to the Police Station because of Transport problem.







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