Juba Monitor celebrates ninth anniversary

By Gilo Jr. Okwata

Juba Monitor is set to commemorate its anniversary today, marking nine years since the inception of the Newspaper industry.

Speaking on the Eve of the anniversary to mark this historic day, the Editor in Chief of Juba Monitor, Anna Nimiriano explored through the long journey the media house has taken to get this far, the challenges and achievements. According to Nimiriano, Juba Monitor was established and then kicked off on 4th December, 2012.

“So (today) is going to be nine years old for Juba Monitor.  The importance of having this for our readers is to know the Anniversary, when Juba Monitor was established and the founding members. By then we were less than ten staff, among which were three editors including the Editor in Chief late Alfred Taban and now I am the only one remaining as founding member,” she said.

The Editor in Chief narrated the challenges ranging from the impacts of Coronavirus, the economic crisis in the country that has reduced the production of copies from 3500 a day down to 1500.

“This year there has been a lot of challenges for all of us not Juba Monitor alone but the whole country. Businesses haven’t been booming for all of us. The impact of Covid-19 on the economy is felt by everybody. Our rate of copy’s productions reduced drastically from 3500 to 1500, which is a big loss to any business industry. Most of our subscribers where forced to work from homes by Covid-19 cutting out their contracts with us and partners withdrew their support and productions become less,” the Editor in Chief narrated.

According to the Editor in Chief, the resultant impacts of both Covid-19 and low income led to some staff leaving the company for greener pastures to cater for their families and downsizing of some staff who are working as correspondents in neighboring countries.

However, she stated that despite the challenges, Juba Monitor has withstood the challenges by maintaining sustainability of the required production to feed the market and the consumers (readers), continuing with the trainings and building the capacities of journalists in which opportunities are availed to any intern for possible employment. Coming to the achievements, “I think one of the major achievements is the sustainability. We shifted to the current premises without much hiccups and we are still able to maintain the spirit of hard work with us,” she said.

She also laid down the plans of Juba Monitor as expanding its offices and distributions to the neighboring countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Sudan, improving the quality of the paper, continuing trainings, building the capacities of Journalists and promoting the interest of media industry in the country. She added that the Paper would extend its distributions to States and Administrative Areas. 

Juba Monitor is one of the leading newspapers in the country.

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