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Juba Monitor celebrated eleventh Anniversary

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday Juba Monitor was eleventh years old in service to the people of South Sudan. It has been good moment of getting together with staff of Juba Monitor and other guests who encouraged them to work hard for the success of media Industry in the country. Rev. John Louis, a pastor of Presbyterian Church of South Sudan said it is important to pray in such celebration so that God protect staff of Juba Monitor from the coming years.

He said any institution that put God in its services, will have success and God will bless its staff. He appreciated the management of Juba Monitor for having putting God always in its programme. God will continue blessing all staff of Juba Monitor and protect them wherever they are.

Rev. Paska Aciya, a pastor of Presbyterian Church Anywaa Congregation during the prayers said God will lift Juba Monitor from standard to another standard for the good work the staff are doing.

The representative of the Board of Directors, Mr. Festo Paul thanked staff of Juba Monitor for the good work they did for the rest of the years. It is their hard work made the success of the newspaper. He wished them happy Christmas in advance.

Faraj Juma a guest for the date said journalism is not easy; it is a difficult profession in which you dedicate your time for it. He further said journalists are not working for them, but for public and people of South Sudan. They provided stories and get little money; those who enjoyed the stories are public.

Faraj was the founder of South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC} during those years when it had been called Radio Juba located at the Ministries road.

He is also the founder of Equator Broadcasting Corporation (EBC} at the moment Juma is a member of the Board of Directors for EBC. He said ready to encourage journalists in the country with experience he has in the field of journalism for 47 years in Khartoum during the time of united Sudan and South Sudan as mentioned above. All those good words were to encourage journalists to provide services in the country.

Staff of Juba Monitor was very happy and shown their willingness to continue working as servants in the country. The celebration ended with blessing of a new car for Juba Monitor and the entire staff.  I wish to hear more from people who have spirit of supporting journalists in the country and love to read Juba Monitor daily.

May God bless us all.

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