Juba Monitor Anniversary

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Dear readers of Juba Monitor, it is a pleasure for me to inform you on the 9th anniversary of Juba Monitor today, it is supposed to be a celebration of get together with you and rejoice, but due to financial challenge we cannot make it as we use to do in the previous years. We thank God for the continuity of the newspaper and you the readers and clients who make us to function for the rest of the years and up to today.

Generally, Juba Monitor has gone through internal and external challenges this year compared to the other years. One of the challenges was the outbreak of Coronavirus in the country which reduced production and circulations of the newspaper within the country and in the region.

It was because the borders were closed down by government authorities that made it difficult to our readers in the above mentioned areas to get copies of the newspaper.  If the situation improves, we can circulate the papers and get stories from those countries. It has not affected Juba Monitor alone rather the entire country and the world at large.

Based on the same condition of COVID-19 and economic crisis in the country, some staff of Juba Monitor left jobs and went to the newspapers and institutions that could pay them better salaries. Addition to that our subscribers have terminated their contracts due to lack of activities. Yet Juba Monitor still remains the leading newspaper in the country.

We hope next year will be a better year for all of us; South Sudan would be in total peace so that Juba Monitor would cover stories in the states as well as in the region. We don’t want to keep ourselves in Juba but to serve our people around the world with quality information.

In this regard, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge those who supported Juba Monitor, financially, materially and morally during the time we shifted to the new location and in the critical time of Coronavirus.

We need to work harder and sustain peace in the country.

If the country is stable, the media industry will develop and the public will get better news, which is not about killings, raping and other bad stories that occur in the country.

What had happened should end this year, we need to open New Year with new ideas and good start for everybody.

With this few words I wish all of you happy anniversary and better start of Christmas season 2020. Hope to get feedback from you to improve us for better operation next year.

May God bless us all.

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