Juba medical director in Court Martial

The Medical Director at Juba Teaching Hospital on Tuesday appeared before the Court Martial to answer queries to the issuance of a death certificate to the local journalist killed in the Terrain Hotel during the July, 2016 incident.

Answering queries before the Court, Dr. Maker Isaac said he neither sees nor even examined the body of the person killed at Terrain Hotel, but admitted issuing death certificate under the request made by the South Sudan Red Cross.

He further said the death certificate was meant for pursing some benefits of the deceased, but not for the Court.

Following this argument, the Court ruled out that the death certificate presented by the prosecutor, saying it does not serve any purpose in regard to the court proceedings.

Addressing the press after the hearing, the army acting spokesperson Col. Santo Domic Chol said the issuing of the death certificate did not follow some legal procedures.

On the same note, six witnesses were produced by the victims to testify before the court, however out of the six, two of them have the chance to give their account of what they show when soldiers entered the Hotel.

Jessi Onyango, the Assistant Manager of Terrain Hotel told the Court that all the soldiers who came at the hotel were carrying guns. “The soldiers who entered the hotel were demanding for money and keys for the vehicles”.

Onyango told the Court that while the soldiers were carrying out their operation at the Hotel, He added that in one of the rooms, he heard a woman pleading “don’t rape me!”

Onyango immediately pointed out three of the accused persons inside the Court, while Tobias Odoi one of the witnesses’ also pointed one person among the culprits making it to a total of four whose physical appearances are already known.

The rest of the witnesses were not given chance to attest due to lack of enough time, according to the presiding judge.

Col. Chol said the recognition of the accused by the witnesses implies that justice would be achieved. “It is now left to the court to give a verdict at the end of the process”.

The Judge has set Thursday [today] as the next fifth hearing.

By Morris Dogga

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