Juba-Khartoum set for trade ties

Kitab A Unango

President Salva Kiir and Sudan’s Prime Minister, Abdallah Hamdok have agreed to work together to bring peace and stability in the two sisterly countries.

The two leaders met yesterday in Juba to discuss bilateral relations between Sudan and South Sudan including economic integration and settlement of outstanding crisis in both countries.

Relationship between the two countries went sour immediately after South Sudan seceded from Sudan in 2011 during former president Bashir’s regime where both leaders accused each other of hosting and supporting rebels.

However yesterday, President Kiir assured his Sudanese counterpart of strong bilateral relations, saying South Sudan did not cooperate with Sudan because Bashir’s regime had been trying to destroy South Sudan.

“The policy in Khartoum by then was that they must disturb South Sudan so that we die naturally, to collapse but we survived,” President Kiir said.

“The Sudanese people whether in Sudan or in South Sudan are one people in two countries and that is what binds us together although we have not been staying good,” Kiir added.

President Kiir assured Sudan’s new government of his support to end its all forms of violence, and promised South Sudan will not reverse to the kind of relations both countries had during Bashir’s regime.

“I must assure you that our relationship will change from where we ended with the former regime. We hope you will cooperate with us,” he added.

For his part, Abdallah Hamdok promised his government would work together with South Sudan.

“I believe there will be peace, stability, prosperity and development in our countries,” Hamdok said.

Following the removal of Omar Al Bashir and subsequent establishment of the new government, Sudan and South Sudan have engaged in building new relations.

President Kiir is currently mediating between Sudan’s armed oppositions and the government arguing that lack of peace and stability in one country affects the other.

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