Juba Day Secondary School robbed

Armed robbers have broken into Juba Day Secondary School and made away with 40 chairs, bags of sugar and some foodstuff meant for preparing breakfast for the teachers at the school and other office stationery.

The gunmen in uniform are reported to have been breaking into the staff room and the office of the headmaster several times since 2016.

The headmaster of Juba Day Secondary School said his office has been broken into six times.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the headmaster of Juba Day Secondary School George Kenyi said he has been informing the state Ministry of Education about the constant robbery at the school but the response was that the state does not have police to guard the government facility.

“We have been reporting to the government through our ministry but the top management there was saying that the state does not have its own police such that they could be deployed to the school to protect the government property at the school. This has frustrated us. We don’t know what we can do,” he wondered.

Teacher Kenyi said the Ministry of Education directed the school administration to call for the Parents’ Teachers Association (PTA) for a meeting to forge a way forward but all in vain.

“The PTA Executive Council came up to the school. They saw it. They were also frustrated,” he said.

He said the only option to protect Juba Day and Rejaf Secondary Schools which is located in a single premises, Juba Commercial, Supiri and Nile Model secondary schools where similar armed robberies have been reported several times is to deploy police.

“The option is to bring police. And for you to bring police to your school, they need to be paid on daily basis. As a government school we don’t have the resources. As they are said to be hired at SSP 1000 per day at the banks,” Teacher Kenyi said. “So, our school cannot manage one policeman for SSP 1000 per day. We don’t have those resources as a government school. If we were a private school, it would have been easier,” he continued.

Kenyi said last year armed men took more sixty computers under gunpoint from the school media centre which prompted the four watchmen to resign for the fear of their lives.

“Last year in 2016, armed robbers wearing uniforms of soldiers of this country came with a pickup vehicle and broke into our computer room while the watchmen were around,” he said.  “When the watchmen realized that there was a theft going on, they tried to resist but they were put under gunpoint,” he added.

He said when the computers were taken; the robbers spent more than two hours at the school.

“They took more than sixty computers. Our computer room was basically used as a teachers’ resource centre and even for the students because we were connected to Internet. So, it was helping the teachers to get more information from the Internet,” Headmaster Kenyi said.

He said that all the four watchmen of Juba Day Secondary School decided to resign for fear of their lives from the armed robbers who frequently rob the school.

He said the absence of watchmen at the school has created a new wave of robbery from young boys who frequently break into the staffroom and the office of the headmaster through the walls.

He said the young boys usually look for the metallic frames of the chairs of the students from the classrooms.

“They come with very heavy lethal sharp metals, beat the prefab walls until they break through the walls, collect the chairs and take them. We had about thirty new chairs which we bought recently at the cost SSP 1500 each but all are gone,” he said.

Kenyi said the frequent robbery at Juba Day Secondary School has gone beyond the control of the school administration.

“I am urging the government to interfere. Up to today we see as if our government has left the responsibility of the school management to the school management yet this has gone beyond our capacity,” he said.

The headmaster of Rejaf Secondary School Jada Lolaku appealed to the state government to open a police station at the school to protect the school premises from robbers.

“For us we have proposed some steps to be taken. One of them is to open a police camp here so that the security of the school should be under the police administration and the other alternative is to bring armed watchmen to secure the location because the school has been raided by armed men for several times,” he said.

Lolaku recommended that the school should be fenced in order to prevent frequent robbery at the school.

He said when they tried to present the issue to the Ministry of Education, the response was there are no police.

Teacher Compio Ladu appealed to the government to secure the school from constant robbery.

“Three quarters of the children from the country study at Juba Day Secondary School, why do we allow it to the hands of robbers?” He asked.

“For how long should this robbery continue in Juba Day Secondary School without the attention of our government?” he questioned.

The Director General of Education at the Ministry of Education Reverend Daniel Swaka said confirmed that indeed the watchmen resigned due to lack of pay.

He said he would explain more on the challenges at Juba Day today because he was sick.

Teacher David Ladu of Juba Day Secondary School also called on the national government and that of Jubek to provide security to Juba Day Secondary in order to stop frequent robbery in the school.

By Sworo Charles Elisha

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